ESCOBAR LICENSE SLU manages all intellectual and industrial property rights to the complete graphic, theatrical and audiovisual works of Josep Escobar i Saliente.

“To tease a smile from a child, through humour, as my grandfather always aimed to do, is the greatest challenge and adult can face.
The fact that Zipi y Zape are back to provide us with afternoons of enjoyment and that Carpanta has returned to entertain is the greatest tribute that can be paid to their creator.”
Sergi Escobar (CEO of Escobar License SLU)

(Barcelona 22nd October 1908 - 31st March 1994)

Pioneer of cartoons:
'El Fakir Gonzalez', 'Civilón', 'Érase una vez' (1950)

Two domestic projection systems – Cine Skob (1942) and Cine Stuk (1952)
A container for the transportation of loose tobacco, Petaca Skob
A game similar to billiards (instead of queues, tubes with springs are used), Chapó Skob
Bowling pins with dice fitted into their tops, Bolos Skob

Strip Cartoonist:
Considered as being one of 'the big five' of the ‘Bruguera school’ (1950 – 1980) thanks to a series of strip cartoons such as; Zipi y Zape; Carpanta; Doña Petra – all-round maid and Doña Tomasa goes and rents out her house with great zest, all of which were released to great public acclaim.

Playwright (and Actor):
'Assaig General', 'A Dos Quarts de Set Rapte', 'A l'Altre Cara de la Lluna'.

A lover of football, smoking his pipe and standing firm in his convictions.

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